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Refraction Partners with Crease Solutions

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Refraction Partners with Crease Solutions to Transform the Auto Dealership Industry Through Technology


Buffalo, NY — Refraction, an innovative platform that enables Dealertrack-enabled dealerships to offer their inventory online and streamline the customer purchase process, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Crease Solutions, a leader in business innovation consulting. This collaboration aims to enhance the digital capabilities of auto dealerships while integrating sustainable practices into their operations.


Crease Solutions, known for its strategic partnerships with Buffalo Solar and EnergyMark, brings a wealth of expertise and trusted relationships in the automotive industry. “This partnership with Crease Solutions marks a pivotal moment for Refraction as we leverage their business insights and established dealership connections,” said Jason Schwinger, CEO of Refraction. “Their expertise will be invaluable as we expand our reach throughout Western New York and beyond, bringing cutting-edge digital solutions to more dealerships.”


Eric Mioducki, CEO of Crease Solutions, expressed enthusiasm about the new collaboration, stating, “We are impressed by the value Refraction offers to dealers. Working with an early-stage startup like Refraction, which has already demonstrated strong momentum, is incredibly exciting. Together, we aim to build upon this momentum to revolutionize dealership operations, making them more efficient and customer-friendly.”


The partnership between Refraction and Crease Solutions will focus on leveraging technology to future-proof dealership operations and enhance the customer experience.


For more information about Refraction and Crease Solutions, visit their websites at and



Jason Schwinger

CEO, Refraction

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